March Madness Vol.2: Clyde Singleton Vs. Kolby Petrus

Whaddup y’all. This is my man Kolby. See, the funny thing here is, ole Kolby thinks I ‘ont like him. Maybe ’cause I tried to kick his teeth in one night. Uh, ok? What I think he doesn’t understand is that’s our way of showing “crew love.” Kolby, you’re a good kid, and you’ll ALWAYS be “one of us…” So check this, I gave Shelton my word, on letting the world know about you. Skateboarding, meet, Kolby Petrus. Reppin’ Mike Crum’s C&S Skateshop, Boost Mobile, and Nike SB. This is history in the making… Dallas, Texas stand the fokk UP! Its Transworld SKATEboarding. Clyde Singleton. its a movement, man.

Videography: Clyde Singleton
Song: UGK feat. T-Hud, Never Thought