Premiering this October

LRG Clothing’s 2nd Full Length Video
Starring Tom Asta, Miles Silvas, Rodrigo TX, Felipe Gustavo, Trent McClung, Carlos Ribeiro, Jack Curtin, Chico Brenes, and Tommy Sandoval.
Directed by Kyle Camarillo
Jonas Bevacqua (1977-2011), co-founder of LRG, used 47 and 1947 since LRG's inception as a tribute to his mother, Helen. Jonas often said that without the support of his family, and in particular his mother, LRG would never have come into fruition. As LRG grew and time progressed, 1947 grew to become a symbol of family, of love, and of dedication to something greater than one's self.
1947 is LRG’s second full-length skate video, named in honor of Jonas and his family, and in recognition of the unity of its team and the importance of being part of something greater. From the skateboarders to the people behind the scenes supporting the video and the brand, LRG remains a family operation.