Nike SB UK: En Route Skate Tour

The Nike SB UK team has been putting in some miles this August as they went out on the En Route UK team trip. Starting off in Edinburgh, the 8 deep crew went through a total of 5 cities ending up at their final destination in London. Stopping off along the way to hit up street spots, parks and demos all linked up with renown skate shops such as Focus, Note, Lost Art, Fifty-Fifty and Slam City Skates. Watch Joe Gavin, Neil Smith, Fernando Bramsmark, Casper Brooker, Charlie Birch, Kyron Mcgrath-Davis, Jak Pietryga, Chris Jones, Korahn Gayle and Tyrone O'Hanrahan smash the backdoors in across the UK.

Check the North and the South galleries from the trip as well.