NOOKturnal: Keegan Callahan

This is TransWorld‘s Art Director. He skates better than a lot of the dudes’ spreads he lays out. Here’s his “one-night-only” effort for the NOOKturnal series.

The third installment of the NOOKturnal series is Keegan Callahan. Staying Tisnal on the regular is just the tip of Keegan's many talents. Between his time spent as Art Director of Transworld SKATEboarding, being a recent transplant from good ol' Canada, and overall dance machine/good times giv'er, Keegs rips, period. Genuine as you can get, Keegan is not new to this, he's true to this. Enjoy the edit, one session, DTSD, Vx1000 for a change, and a great time, check Keegan's fruits of his labors after his long day and ability to murk an edit out of this caliber in just a couple hours. Cheers Keegs, thanks for letting me point the camera at you!

Filmed and Edited by: NOOK