NOOKturnal: Luke Callahan

The fourth installment of the NOOKturnal series is Luke Callahan. Luke is the Associate Editor of TransWorld SKATEboarding. Between everything involving Mag, Web, Interviews, Edits, you name it Luke puts it down. Busy days with a little lunch shred involving switch 360 flips down the gap at work (TWS park) that most pros don't really step to and evening DTSD shreds keep this Canuck sharp as F*ck on the board. Enjoy the edit, he put this one out probably the quickest thus far in the NOOKturnal series. If you get the chance to meet him, you'll be stoked. Genuine and hilarious, Tisnal is his regular. Thanks Luke, this was so much fun to film and edit.

Filmed and Edited by: NOOK

*Don't care this song was already used.