During some point in February, The Northern Co. embarked on a trip to Los Angeles. We decided a trip to LA would be good, due to its close proximity to our primary location up North. We believed the city might have more to offer than the same five spots that are normally seen in videos.

Matt Town, 50-50 stall. Photo / @pushperiodical

Matt Town, 50-50 stall. Photo / Richard Hart @pushperiodical

Our company consisted of Jesse Narvaez, Bryan Botelho, Jam Douglas, Tobin Valverde, John Lindsay (The Sleeping Horse), two WKND’ers Trevor Thompson and Zach Gracie. Zach Chamberlin and Richard Hart were there to document the experience accurately and honestly using analog technology.

Tobin Valverde, frontside flip. Photo / @pushperiodical

Tobin Valverde, frontside flip. Photo / Richard Hart @pushperiodical

When we arrived we were joined by the rest of our crew Mike Lent (flown in from NY, economy class), Matt Town, James Sayres and Cody Rosenthal. We found home for a week in our 5 bedroom Airbnb that at one point snugly fit thirteen or more playing Cee-Lo and watching Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. This is the proof of our time there that week, skating everyday and night listening to Kool Kieth non stop in the van. Thank you to Grant and the WKND crew for dealing with us. All members made it back home safely after the trip.—Mike Gigante