With three months to go until the deadline of filming for Outliers, Brad, Marius, Neen, O’Meally and myself headed to NYC to skate with Zered. We were there for 10 days, and throughout the first week Zered mentioned that he wanted to head out to Yonkers to checkout the hubba at the basketball court. He had a few ideas for it, so in the final days of the trip we packed up and hit the road for Yonkers. After a quick bondo job on the crack at the top of the steps Zered proceeded to warm up with some heavy moves. After he had switch crooked it he started to test the waters with the switch wallie to switch noseslide. After he rolled away from that one he had everything else handled within 30 minutes. Later that afternoon Zered got the switch frontside flip over the blue double set rail as well. This was definitely one of the heaviest days I experienced while filming for Outliers, and one of my favorite memories from my time filming with Zered!—Chris Thiessen