Oliver Barton’s Top 5 ‘ChewTubes’ Of The Week

2014 gets a UK kickstart off the back of Chewy Cannon's Transmission part with a special edition of Chew-Tubes. First up, Palace gets us blasted off from France with Tres Trill and one of the most gangsta mid video part business moves since Kareem Campbell checked his pager in Trilogy:

Chewy has been dropping ridiculous parts for over a decade, here's Blueprint Lost and Found from 2003 for confirmation:

"Unbelievable!" In 2009 adidas dropped Diagonal and Chewy got familiar with rubbish bins/trash cans and umbrella wielding psychopaths all over the world.

For the eagle eyed, Lucien Clarke has a guest trick in Chewy's Transmission, here's his part from Chris Mulhern's uber offering This Time Tomorrow:

VHS eye and ear candy ender with Palace's Gangbanging at Ground Zero: