Oliver Barton’s Top 5 LouTubes Of The Week

This week we've transformed OBTFYTOTW to LouTube, a catalogue of parts from the world of Barletta. Lets get started 14 years ago with Louie's part in Chris Avery's Tilt Mode.

Earlier than Tilt Mode days, Louie skated for Sonic Skateboards, a company out of San Jose run by Corey and Gavin O'Brien. Gavin was the lead singer of The Faction and Corey was a Santa Cruz pro who had parts in videos like the legendary 1990 Santa Cruz release, Streets on Fire.


San Jose has incubated as much skate talent as anywhere, both homegrown like Steve Caballero and transplants like Marc Johnson. One of the most underrated is Paul Sharpe. Pedigree race horse power way before it's time, here is Paul's part in Foundation's Rolling Thunder from 1995.

Besides riding for enjoi and working on the brand with Louie, Cairo Foster has also spent more than the requisite amount of time living at Louie's house to qualify for an appearance this week, but to be honest I'm down for any Cairo part to be in any OBTFYTOTW selection because they're all pinnacle.  One of my all time favorite parts from the Foster catalogue is the 1999 TWS release, The Reason.

There was a nine-year gap between Tilt Mode and Tilt Mode Bonus Round, but the video was definitely worth the wait. Check out Louie's part and get amped for an excellent skate this weekend!