Oliver Barton’s Top 5 Outliers YouTubes: Brad Cromer

We round off this week's sixth and final Outliers themed YouTubes with Brad Cromer. Christopher Thiessen and I were so hyped on Brad that there was no way that he was not going to be in the video, this part was one of many that fueled that fire, LoFi.

When it came to choosing who would introduce Brad's part, Huf was a no brainer. Here's his part from Kicked Out Of Everywhere:

Brad has a lot of Miami footage in his part and there were several trips out there to stack. Miami's exotic architecture seems custom created for skateboarding, where do you think all that money for all that decadent construction came from?

Joey Ragali is one of Brad's OG skate homies and has tricks in the montage and Pang filmed a serious chunk of Brad's part, both of them are uber humans and tear it up on the board! More LoFi!

Incase you missed it first time around, Brad was such a busy bee this last year, he amassed enough clips for a whole bonus part!