Oliver Barton’s Top 5 Outliers YouTubes: Zered Bassett

This week's OBTFYTOTW Outliers edition is dedicated to Zered Bassett whose birthday it is today. There are so many good Zered parts to choose from, Vicious Cycle is a part of gargantuan proportions and the ferocity of his DVS part is second to none. The Zoo York State of Mind part features everything from a massive switch slappy fifty grind on a rail at the beach in South Africa to switch three flip lip the Blubba in NYC. It's pretty clear who the real switch God is…

Longtime Zered fam Vinnie Ponte blessed us with the voice over intro to Zered's Outliers part, Vinnie's Peep This part was a standout and features some heavy cameos.

1983's Style Wars is just over an hour long, but if you haven't seen it yet, it's worth every second.

Legends Never Die! RIP Harold Hunter.

Closing out the week with a delightful Zered x Quartersnacks Remix.