Oliver Barton’s Top 5 #TWSAWARDS YouTubes Of The Week

The week we have a special TWS Awards version of OBTFYTOTW kicking off with Brandon Westgate who won best part for bashing us over the head with his Made part. It's amazing that his Made part and the killing spree that was Stay Gold and the Stay Gold B Sides, he also dropped this bonus part to go with his shoe.

Nike SB won best video for Chronicles 2, here's Shane O'Neill's part, "Going full hambone!"

John Lucero was recognized with the Legend Award, the bloke rules.

The Element skate team continued to gather steam in 2013 when Julian Davidson joined the pro ranks, here is Julian's going pro part and a toast of congrats for winning Best Team.

Magic Mark received two awards, Readers Choice and Rookie of the Year. Here's some VX1 for your eyeballs in the shape of Sabotage 3!