July 4, 1776, Congress in Washington gave the British the boot from the US with a declaration of independence penned (for the most part) by Thomas Jefferson.  This week’s YouTubes are dedicated to this event and starts off with a Washingtonian who made his own declaration of independence from the West Coast skate scene with his 1994 Element, Fine Artists video part:

The 4th of July is a significant date in the history of the Philippines: called Republic Day, the Philippines celebrate gaining independence from the US in 1946 when it ceased to be an American colony. Making his first appearance on OBTFYTOFTW, Willy Santos in the 1992 Untitled Birdhouse video:

Aside from using the 4th of July as a good excuse to skate buildings where the landlord doesn't want to pay overtime to security for working on a national holiday, people also celebrate by letting off fireworks. Be warned, the fun often takes a turn for the worst!

Geoff Rowley and Tom Penny's ancestors might have been pushed out of the US back in the day but the shores of California were more welcoming in the mid nineties. Geoff and Tom shared a part in the 1996 TransWorld video Uno and Tom reclaimed a section of bank and chain as British forever:

Could I end a 4th of July compilation with anyone other than Captain America? Mind-blowing, face melting stuff from the gnarliest American to ever walk the face of planet Earth, Mr Danny Way: