Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Almost

This evening is the premiere of the new Almost video called 5 Incher. Cooper Wilt has been a long time TransWorld favorite, here is his part from Time To Shine:

I can't wait to see the German Hammer King's part!

Ah shyza minelli! That was not the German Hammer King I meant! I want to see this one:

JT Rhoades wants a tweest, so Twisternederland is what he gets!

I reckon Chris Haslam might close out the video tonight which is a serious achievement when you consider that he’s not only up against some of the best in the game, but also that he nearly died from kidney failure recently. Stay pinnacle my Wayward Neph! Here is his part from Globe's United By Fate with a little balls to wall Machnau insanity thrown in for good Canadian measure!