Bryce Golder from Melbourne, Australia is one of the best skateboarders I have ever seen in real life, if you hadn't seen him skate already, he's about to be one of the best that you have ever seen on YouTube:

Continuing the Australian vibe, this is Josh Pall's Video Check Out that I am reposting here in case you missed it because it's really good:

In the name of Australian rawness, he's a compilation from down under called "wild animals caught barehanded."

In the name of "wild animals," I can't remember what these wiggle boards are called, but this is definitely wild:

I can't say with any authority, but from what I I understand, Yaje Popson returned to Brazil on a shaman vibe, which is a shame for us because he's an exceptional skateboarder. This is his part from the Dece video: