Last week was the first ever US premiere for a company from the old country who have blazed the way for more people and companies than it's worth listing here, live from Lyon, Cliché and the Bon Voyage video. If we're starting at the beginning, lets get this jumped off with the Cliché founder Jeremie Daclin and the first Cliché video that was release in 2000, Europa:

As synonymous with Cliché as Jereme, Lucas Puig has been down for well over a decade, as covered in this here mix tape from your man Manolo:

Cliché has it's roots in Europe but it's branches go world wide stretching as far as Australia with the thunder from Down Under, Andrew Brophy:

East Coast power house, Pete Eldridge debuted in Bon Voyage:

Flo Mirtain is pro! After destroying Europe for year, Flo got his well deserved reward after the premiere in France. Daniel Espinoza turned pro after the US premiere, but we'll be seeing more of him next week. Here's Flo's part from Clé: