Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: DGK

Tuesday night was the global premiere of the DGK video #parentaladvisory, I've been looking forward to this video for so long I mean how can you go wrong with a video featuring these two legends?!

Jack Curtin is a TransWorld favorite, his part has some serious bangers in it including some heavy Clipper moves that you might have seen on the cover of the April 2012 issue and the special edition DGK 9 Frames in the new January 2013 issue. Jack has had a long relationship with Clipper, he nollie nose blunt slid it in Free Your Mind and switch back 5-o grinds it in Give Me My Money Chico:

Rodrigo TX finally found himself on his favorite team, he's skated for a couple of other board companies but DGK is where he has wanted to be since day one. Back when DGK was not yet a board company, just Stevie's crew, Rodrizzy was on the Firm, here's the second part from its 2003 release Can't Stop.

Marcus McBride has quietly been destroying skate spots across the globe for double decades and his part in Parental Advisory shows his annihilation is still full force. Pier 7 has been skated by almost every single sponsored am and pro skater on the planet and at one point in time was a focal point for the most progressive scene in skateboarding, but out of all that talent, no one has owned that place like Marcus. No one.

Wade Desarmo is one of the most pinnacle humans on the face of the planet. Originally from Ottowa in Canada where the average temperature in January is '15.3 °C or 4.5 °F, the secret behind his Ivan Drago pop and "Vorsprung durch Technik" ledge lines is cryogenics.