By now you should have seen the new Element Am video, Future Nature and come to realize how good it is. Whilst everyone in the video is young and new, Element has been around since 'Nam and has a deep and often forgotten pinnacle past, especially when it comes to videos. Exhibit A:

From Sky Pager, Element morphed into the Dan Wolfe-sculpted East Coast era with Tim O'Connor, Reese Forbes, Kenny Hughes, etc. Around '99 Jeremy Wray got on and he announced his arrival by performing the best frontside three sixty that anyone has ever done before or after:

Element has a Euro division which produced one of the few videos to come out on BluRay Disc. Madars Apse has the opener of Get Busy Living and it's ffffff good.

I loved this part so much when it came out, it was easily my favorite in the video, Rob Pluhowski and his most buttery:

Bringing us up to modern day Element, uber-am Nick Garcia closed out Future Nature just weeks after dropping this etnies part, who knows,
maybe he'll have something shiny for us in the next print issue of TransWorld