Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: éS Tribute

I've been watching this bloke a lot this week, he's got video parts for days, and I realized that it's been too long since Kellen James was featured here! Nollie big spin back lip front 270 shove out anybody?!

éS teammate Jimmy McDonald is another skater with a sick back catalog, here's his amazing part from Few And Far Between.

If we're talking East Coast éS connections, Bobby Worrest is the Don Juan. Here's his part in Krooked's 2007 VHS release Gnar Gnar.


Possessing a Santa Claus sized bag of tricks since day one, Rodrigo Tx makes it look too easy to put out two track parts on a regular basis. Choc full of bangers part from LRG's Give Me My Money Chico:


One of the best intro videos ever in my opinion, Mike Anderson's intro to éS is raw!