This week’s YouTubes are dedicated to the Fallen team and their Road Less Traveled project. Featured on the cover of our September 2013 issue, which featured the photos from RLT, Jamie Thomas has more video parts to choose from than almost anyone in the game. His curtains part in Welcome To Hell was face melting when it dropped and its impact and influence on how skateboard videos are filmed and edited is seismic to this day:

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The Fallen team traveled all over the world not only in search of the ultimate spots they could find, but also for the act of traveling itself. The planet is an incredible and diverse planet with beauty and horror in equal measure; Samsara was a movie where the makers sought to document our planet in the most pinnacle fashion possible. Well worth a look, crank your streaming up to 1080hd and check out the trailer:

Brian "Slash" Hansen in Ride The Sky kills it:

Fallen traveled to South Africa on one of the legs of their journey. As exotic as the natural wildlife is in SA, the wildlife in the city is next level. There are so many carjackings in South Africa that some auto owners have taken car security to the next level:

If we're starting off this five with the Chief in Welcome To Hell, we better close it out with Tommy Sandoval and his part that can came out just over a decade later in Zero's Promo video: