As I understand it, a little over five years ago Arto Saari joined forces with Gravis and Analog and under the guidance of Mark Oblow, put together the two most stylish teams in skateboarding. The pinnacle skate footage came in a torrent, here's a DV bonus edit from one of their first trips in Athens, Greece:

Arto got on Alien at the same time, put on a black leather skate trench coat and went on a killing spree:

With Russell Houghten filming, the footage stayed high altitude, if this doesn't inspire you to go skating through traffic downtown at night I don't know what will…

Both teams had their fair share of big names but they also had lesser known rippers. One of the squads more undercover agents of uber, Steve Forstner put out this part in the Antiz Z-Movie back in 2007.

Dylan’s part was a game changer in so many ways, watch this and get inspired! A big thanks to anyone involved in Gravis and/or Analog for providing us with such an amazing depiction of skateboarding, you'll be missed.