This summer Girl celebrated its 20th anniversary and Girl OG Guy Mariano has been honoring this milestone by putting out more footage than ever. His Lakai commercial filmed by Federico Vitetta in Venice, California and Venice, Italy was superb. Check out the September 2013 issue of TransWorld for a behind the scenes shot by Sam Muller:

Mark Gonzales has one of the greatest video parts of all time in Blind's Video Days—he annihilates street, mini, and vert in a part that could come out today, 22 years later and still face melt anyone who sees it. When Video Days came out though, the part that was rewinded until my VCR was melted was Guy’s:

There's still top notch footage coming out from Guy's last video project, Pretty Sweet. Here's an Active exclusive promoting his Gamoflage collection:

When rumors of Guy's comeback were all anyone could talk about, the pressure must have been immense. How could you possibly satisfy the level of the public's anticipation? By dropping seven minutes of jaw-dropping technicality!

This is what the word "awesome" was invented for: