The New York skate scene is always killing it. Choosing only five video New York parts was really hard because there are so many epic ones, it's amazing how many of them RB Umali has been a part of,  he's made so many epic videos from like Peep This, Mix Tape, Heads—lets get it started with his first Cinematographer part from 1997 and a big shout for years of inspiration.

Talking of Mix Tape, RB, New York icons and how they fit together, what better fourth piece of the puzzle than Harold Hunter?! Rest In Peace Harold, legends never die!

Long Island has produced more than it's fair share of stylish skate talent, much of which has been documented in New York. Humming the opening bar of this track is scientifically proven to improve your nollie heels!

Bronze hardware is the shit! Here's their 56k video, it's epic!

To finish up this week we've got a video part of straight up visual candy: Keith Hufnagel and friends in NewYork, 1997 from the TransWorld video Interface: