Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Osiris

This week's toobs feature some of my favorite parts from 5 of the 6 Osiris pros featured in The Osiris Experience feature in the October issue. Why no Lee Yankou? Well maybe he's going to get a whole YouTubes to himself. Why a whole one to himself? You'll have to wait and see. First up, one of the most pinnacle skaters out there who's been killing it for years, JT Aultz in 2001's Real To Reel.

Caswell Berry, Weezer, Man Down. Delightful.

Chad Bartie is one of the most excellent human beings walking the planet. His Donovan backed 7 Year Glitch part in the New Deal video rules:

Any regulars to these weekly YouTube installments will know it's no secret I'm a huge Taylor Bingaman fan, he just kills it on every level. Here's his part from Osiris Never Gets Old.


Corey Duffel has gone h.a.m. his entire career, his part in That's Life personified his do or die-ness.