This week's YouTubes are dedicated to the city of Portland, a city with epic skatepark heritage. So what better way to get things started than with a transition control master class courtesy of Brent Atchley and Tribute Skateboards:

Prince of Pinnacle Brian Baca skates it all: street, tranny, dirt, and even the roof tops. Here's Brian's part in The Empire Strikes Back:

RobWhoFilms uploaded this video on 22nd April 2009 with the description:

"I took some Tyler footage and some Wu-Tang and baked a Tyler-Wu pie." Enough said.

Josh Falk is as OG Portland as any and how fun does that forest set up look with the big quarter against the barn look?!

Mike Chin has been killing it since the day he first stepped on a board. If you're ADD and need to see the serious stuff skip to 2:00: