It's finally here, after 5 years since the Crail Camp's last offering, the #prettysweet counter on is almost down to the hour. This week's toobage is a prequel to the skateboard eye candy we can look forward to seeing in Pretty Sweet. Uber hyped to see new footage of Gino, did you know humming the opening bars of this Genius track whilst skating improves your flat? It's a fact!

Marc Johnson has been cunduring Gandolf the Wizzardry since he stepped on a skateboard. This part is from 2000! 12 years old and still ridiculous.

Aside from hours of epic skating, Girl/Chocolate videos have always elevated above the rest thanks to Spike Jonze's segueways. My personal favorite is from Mouse—Eric Koston as Charlie Chaplin, the parallels are endless:

Jesus Fernandez was born to skate for Chocolate. Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

Grace, finesse, trick selection; Keenan Milton had it all. The switch flip at Lockwood is easily the best ever on all fronts, how about that switch back heel too! Rest In Peace Keenan.