This week’s YouTubes are dedicated to a bloke whose put more skateboarding in front of your eyeballs than you probably realize, Mister Ricki Bedenbaugh of Last week whilst filming in Phoenix, Ricki took a slam and went down hard fracturing his skull and booking himself a week long stay in the hospital in the process. He's going to be fine but it's a stark reminder of how gnarly filmers are and how far they are willing to go just to entertain us. Without further ado, lets check out some Ricki classics; first up, a personal favorite, Kenny Reed in New Deal 7 Year Glitch:

Chad Tim Tim and Ricki are like two peas in a pod, and have worked on a bunch of different parts together, here's their collaboration from the Element video Trio:

Another Long Beach legend who Ricki has been filming since back in 'Nam, Danny Montoya with a global catalog of insane terrain and stylish ripping:

Ricki put together this uber pre-Plan B, already buck part of Ryan Sheckler going ham in the Oakley Our Life video:

Let's get back to Long Beach and finish off with Ricki's boy, Nick Garcia. Hope to see you back in the streets again soon Dude!