Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Shane O’Neill

This week's YouTubes are dedicated to Shane J. O'Neill. YouTube is where he made his first appearance for most of us, so it seems fitting he'd have a week dedicated to him. When Shane was on Nike SB Australia, Paul Rodriguez came to Australia and was so impressed he had him come out and stay at his house and the rest is history, which was probably some time shortly after Paul dropped this ridiculous raw footage tape:

Melbourne Australia is where Shane calls home outside of California. Shane is not the only famous ex-resident of Melbourne:

Ferocity runs in the veins of Australians, even the old boys have got plenty left in them:

My personal favorite Australian athlete, Michele Jenneke. Watch her smoke the field at 1:30.

Back to the boss to finish off the weekend, 8 minutes and 28 seconds of Shane O'Neill hammer time, thanks to Chris Middlebrook for all the documentation of Australian skateboarding over the years!