Just like the pros who complained that they were skating too many rails and those before them who complained the kids were skating the bottom of the vert ramp as a manny and not padding up to learn fully decked rock and rolls, the younger generation has always taken a bashing from its predecessors. For all the worries about the direction of skateboarding at the moment, the last thing we have to worry about is the talent of the young bucks. When you have Sebo Walker dropping shoe commercials like this, complaints from the elder generation are conspicuous in their absence!

The internet has been game changing for kids from all over the planet trying to come up: now you don't have to travel to California and try to get a sniff at making it into a magazine, one pinnacle YouTube upload and you're golden. The first to blaze that trail was a kid from Boston, whilst the part came out on a shop VHS it was largely viewed online and shyza minelli did it set the bar high for anyone coming behind him…

The PJ Ladd mould went into hibernation for a decent stretch for me until one day I was watching The Berrics and PJ himself was talking about this little number. The rest is history:

If TwisterNederland is the Eric Koston of fail vids with his monthly videos always hitting the several millions, CBROEKIE99 is your average middle of nowhere skatepark mini teen with only 249 views. Here's his sponsor me tape, do you think has he got what it takes?

This is not the earliest incidence of the next generation storming the building, but for me this part was burned into my retinas more than anything else at the time, when you're a little kid who better to fly the flag for the you than Guy Mariano in Video Days?