Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of This Week In Skateboarding

This week's toobage is inspired by a busy week in skateboarding. First up, Chris Cole won the Street League Super Crown in New Jersey and added another trophy to an already bulging collection. Remember in 2005 when he tre flipped Wallenberg?

The Skate Gods blessed me with a serious treat, I got to watch Bobby Worrest skate Washington DC for two days this week, ending the last day at Freedom Plaza which he skated like a video game. Bobby Worrest rules, keep your eyes pealed for him in future issues of TransWorld!

Perpetual Motion alumni Julian Davidson was announced on Etnies  with a sick video clip featuring the always on point (Blood) Wizzardry of Mike Manzoori


Miles Silvas melted my eyeballs with a Dave Chami photo this week, here's his intro to Organika video, be ready to have your eyeballs melted by the aforementioned photo soon!

We're currently in Charlotte, NC on a Red Bull Sheckler Sessions trip. Unable to compete in a good chunk of the contests this summer thanks to an ankle blow out in Street League Barcelona, you know Ryan's making up for it in the streets, here's his Plan B Superfuture part to get you hyped!