Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of This Week: Moose, Arto, Emerica

This week is has become another epic seven days for skateboarding. First off, having dropped two back to back face melting parts, The Deathwish gang turned Moose pro, here's the first part he dropped this year in the Bones Video New Ground.

Arto Saari has a solo photo show at The Icon in Los Angeles tonight, every time I go back to his Menikmati part it blows me away, not to mention it's 13 years old!

The last three videos this week are all about the premiere of the new Emerica video Made, which as we can all imagine is going to be insane. Every Leo Romero video part has been superb, here he is in the 2005 TransWorld video First Love.

Colin Provost's part will cement his pro shoe status, here he is in his earlier days in Chris Gregson's uber video Be Here Now from 2009:

Last up this week is Brandon Westgate. I can't wait to see what gets ollied up, down, along, and over in his new Emerica part: