This weeks OBTFYTOTW are dedicated to a company that I was always happy to feature here, I just never thought a reason would be goodbye. Let's start at the very beginning in 1991 with "Day one baby!" Rob Dyrdek and his part in Memory Screen.


For all the talk of the volume of web content these days, the amount of VHS insanity that dropped between 1996 and 1997 can destroy any year online. Mouse, Triology, Fucktards, Yellow, Sheep, Eastern Exposure 3, Welcome To Hell, Tincan Folklore, Penal Code, Thrill Of It All… You get the idea. In the middle of all that carnage was Timecode, featuring Lennie Kirk and that psycho dumpster slam.

The new Millennium heralded some new faces on the Workshop and a new video called Photosynthesis which was the only video played in my VHS player until well into 2001. Jason Dill flamboyantly, extravagantly took the curtains.

One of the longest serving abductees was Josh Kalis, who spent months on end posted up in Barcelona filming for Mindfield. His footage haul got so heavy whilst filming for Mindfield that he had enough to drop a solo part called In Mono in 2006.

At the end of the end, The Lord of all Face Melting, Heath Kirchart, closed out 2009's Mindfield, Alien's last full length video.