Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes of the Week: Aug 14, 2014

This week's OBTFYTOTW is a good olde fashioned random mix of videos. Did you see Madars Apse in Get Busy Living the Element Europe video from 4 years ago? It's a banger and well worth a revisit if you've already seen it.

I've watched this a handful of times and every viewing I find something new and amusing about it. You have to agree that "My drunk neighbor gets the hose" as a title is a superb star.

This High Five a few years back from Black Box of Baker TM Jay Thorpe rules. Style, finesse and the best looking nollie melon fakie you'll ever see.

More hammer time? We all know the only place to go for guaranteed after black YouTube hammer time:. Twisternederland. This is one of his greatest yet 12.39 of straight gold.

I've watched this part an absurd amount of times and through all those viewing I've come to the conclusion that this Nick Jensen part is bona fide tip top start to finish.