This week’s YouTubes are dedicated to the Baker Boys, there are so many good parts from this posse I need two weeks but here’re five to get you inspired to jump off shit. First up, the man who puts the capital “B” in Boss, Andrew Reynolds.

If Andrew is the Boss, Herman is his capo. Stay Gold B Side table destruction.

Riley Hawk is part of the newest generation of Bakers, can’t wait to see his part in the new TransWorld video Outliers, here’s his Shep Dawgs part in the meantime.

Before G-L-O-R-I-A was endlessly rattling around my brain from heavy amounts of 2G VHS, it was Fix Me, Black Flag and Misled Youth

Despite never actually having a board on Baker, Ali Boulala has been synonymous with Baker since the very beginning, the traditional Boulala curtains in a Baker video are pinnacle! Here’s his 2G closer.