Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes of the Week: Cash On The Table

There's 10 Gs up for grabs tomorrow at our Cash on The Table contest presented by Kayo, so this week's toobs are dedicated to some of the finest table technicians the world has seen. If you watch these and think you've got what it takes, get to Agenda by 11 a.m. today and make it happen! Let’s get started with some of the most stylish, gnarly table skating ever committed to VX eternity, Bryan Herman in Stay Gold.


Skateboarders aren't the only people obsessed with tables; backyard wrestlers have been destroying them for years!

My vote for best table trick of all time goes to Keenan Milton's ballistic switch flip at the end of his Mouse part - it's 18 years old, filmed at Lockwood off the flat over a full-sized table and comes at the end of an epic part he shared with Gino; you'll be VERY hard pressed to find anything to beat it.

Ping Pongers are another group of humans whose lives revolves around the table, here are some Bruce Lee visuals of how things could look if ping pong was like skateboarding and had no rules.

Daewon Song has completed all the levels of so many aspects of skateboarding and the picnic table is no stranger to his creativity. I'd love to know what the caretakers used to think when they came into school on a Monday and found one of Daewon's picnic table crop circles in their schoolyards. See you today at 11?!