This week's OBTFYTOTW is dedicated to Chad Tim Tim; if you haven't checked out his Transmission part yet, GTWYC! Lets get this set started with an LBC legend, one of the most underrated skaters of all time, Mister Caesar Singh and the always excellent Manolo Tape remixes.

There are a stack of superb Danny Montoya parts that I could have played here, his Real Street part this year reminded everyone how hard he kills it, here's a reminder of how hard he smashed it a decade ago in his part from The Reason:


If we're talking Chad and Danny, there has Rob G! Listen Viajeros Locos is one of the most watchable videos out there to this day, closed out by the man himself…

Chad's influence in Long Beach runs deep, the new wave of rippers have all been helped out and hooked up at some point by Chad, no more so than in the case of Nick Garcia:


Let's close this kit out with Chad's last part from the Element video Trio.