This weeks toobs are dedicated to the photographic thunder from down under, Mr. Dave Chami who has just dropped an interview over at Dave’s first cover was of Tommy Fynn so let’s get started right there:

Prior to shooting with Tommy, Dave had left New Zealand to live in Tokyo for a year where he taught English and got into photography. Fast forward to 2012 and he was back there with Silas Baxter-Neal and friends shooting a night skating feature for TransWorld. Here’s the video from that trip which adidas released.

How Dave navigated the technical and logistical nightmare that went into shooting the cover of Walker Ryan switch tre flipping the water gap in San Diego I’ll never know. Bowse level. Here’s a Christopher Thiessen remix of Walker’s Perpetual Motion part, water gap included.

Having bounced around New Zealand, Japan, Australia, England, and Spain, Dave finally put down roots in America, San Francisco to be specific, the Bay Area seed planted in part almost 20 years ago in the FTC Finally video, a legendary store which would eventually host Dave’s first solo exhibition.

Dave opened with a Shane Cross photo, we’re going to close with a Shane Cross video part. RIP Shane.