With the Flip yung bucks blowing up our site with their parts in 3 this week, it only seemed right that OBTFYTOTW tips it's hat towards the OGs that paved the stratospheric legacy that is Flip. The introduction to Flip for many came with a 411VM Industry section which featured a cool Ali Cairns voice over, heavy skating, 16mm footage throughout and of course that Tom line which melts my face every time.

A Geoff/Tom shared part in Transworld's Uno heralded more destruction of US soil, "The bank is closed".

Andy Scott dipped from the limelight and returned to live in the north of England where he continues to baffle anyone that sees him skate with his casual next level board control. Here's his part from Ben Powell and Ryan Gray's epic 2008 release Baghead Flats.

Arto Saari's spaceship landed him the last part of Flip's first full length video in 2002 Sorry. A lot of people talk about the impossibly high level of skating these days and how it can't progress any further, I'd have to say that Arto was already there 12 years ago. This part could drop in another 12 years and still be ballistic!!

The Gift from the Skate Gods. Unfathomable natural talent.