Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: The Am Issue

This week's toobage is dedicated to our Am Issue which hit the streets this week. First up Blake Carpenter and one of the best am parts I've ever seen, Cosmic Vomit 2.

There are plenty of amateurs out there getting their thrill seek on, sometimes it's easy to see why they're still am…

Miles Silvas is one of the gnarliest ams out there. His Lakai Griffin feature was filmed in double quick time and choc full of sickness.

Some ams handle their biz in an absolutely professional manner. This is pro wheel changing in an amateur Arab style.

Cover boy Zack Wallin is as am-fessional as it gets, did you see that cover yet?! If not, there's a hint at the end of his Welcome To enjoi part.