Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes of the Week: Josh Matthews & Organika

This week Organika announced Josh Mathews as it's newest pro with an excellent video chock full of smooth and fast bangers. Video parts chock full of smooth and fast bangers run in the Organika bloodline, check out Organika founder Karl Watson's part in the 1998 Mad Circle video "5 Flavors" for further proof.

On the subject of Organika bloodlines and video part heritage, Walker Ryan was the last skater that Organika announced as a pro and The Graduation part was heavy!

Twisternederland intermission!

Eli Reed is also new on Organika, his Quartersnacks remix part is outstanding.


Polishing OBTFYTOTW with one of my favorite parts in recent memory, Josh's section in Think's Business As Usual.