This week’s Toobs are dedicated to Nyjah Huston, a skater who continues to skate spots with a higher stair counts than he has years to name. In the interest of chronology, lets get started with his 2007 éSpecial part, choc full of hammers and spots you hadn't seen before or since.

The Loy brothers are hard as nails! The Birdman just gave David the pro-nod, skating with Nyjah so much for so long has given David a distorted perspective on what "normal" skating is! Here's some OG David Loy from 2010's Skate Movie.

The only person who can take Nyjah on a clip for clip hammer montage, Twisternederland!

Chase Webb is another of Nyjah's hommies whose perception of what is considered "normal" skating has been massively distorted by skating with Nyjah so much. His TransWorld Vice Versa part was HEAVY.

All that hammer time might be a difficult act to follow some weeks, but this Raw and Uncut Fade To Black montage involves Viking levels of pillage.