Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Sammy Winter

Sammy Winter has been skating like a pro for years but he finally has his name on a board, so this week’s compilation is dedicated to him. Starting off with some sick footage of Sammy down unda with Rest In Peace Lewis Marnell BGP at 30 secs.

VX footage looks so good, Sammy and Jake Johnson know this and dropped a VX special with Russell Houghten performing the red button wizardry. Volumous Kickflip perfection at 1:43.

Let’s break the skating up a touch with one of Australia's greatest cinematic insights to the wild beautiful that is 'Straya. The 1971 cinematic masterpiece Walkabout.

Speaking of wild and beautiful: any excuse for some Andrew Brophy 7 plied domination:

Austro-Franglo visual candy: