Watching the Fallbrook fires in San Diego on the television last night, I kept thinking about the Tony Hawk compound that used to be nestled in those hills and all the legendary skateboarding that went down there. Let's take a look back in time to 1990 and Tony's part in the Powell Peralta video Propaganda featuring that very complex.

North County San Diego was churning out all sorts of talent back then. Rodney Mullen may be the Godfather of street skating in terms of tricks invented, but for me Matt Hensley is the Godfather of modern street skating in terms of powerful tricks that look amazing; want to argue with a full Cab over a picnic table in 1990?

The skate gods had a soft spot for Vista and dropped the biggest dose of all time raw-gnar on a little kid called Danny. Speed Wheels, Risk It, 1990.

Willy Santos has been a SD icon for decades; his part in the 1999 Birdhouse The End showcases the diversity of his skating.

San Diego's legendary past is a pretty heavy burden for anyone trying to continue the legacy, but if anyone can do it, Wes Kremer can. Here's his part from the 2010 DC web release Skateboarding Is Forever.