This week's Skate & Create themed OBTFYTOTW are dedicated to The Back Forty whose Mr. Skateboarder submission I had the pleasure of shooting. The Back Forty's collective video legacy with TransWorld is seriously impressive, let's get started with Kenny Anderson and his part in the 1998 release, Sixth Sense.

Chris Roberts had a multi-lingual part in 2006's A Time To Shine with footage split between California and Barcelona with a sprinkle of France for spice. Rest in peace Parallel!

Justin Eldridge played a staring roll in Skate & Create, his intro part in Yeah Right was filmed in a matter of weeks and is grade A bonafide face melter.

So what is The Back Forty exactly? The future of skateboarding of course!

One of the undisputed greatest TWS video parts of all time in one of the best TWS videos, MJ closes out this week with his part in 2000's Modus Operandi.