This week's top five video parts always get me hyped to skate. Let's get started with a part that was an absolute shocker when it dropped, Bryan Herman in Baker 3. That switch flip after he hits the fence rolling out of the frontside feeble has to be one of the sweetest switch flips of all time and did you notice that Bryan does hardflips off the nose of his board? Now you know the secret, it's time to go out there and learn them!

Talking of crispy flick technique without OBTFYTOTW favorite JB Gillet would be foolish! Here's his part from 2004's Cliché release Freedom Fries.

New Organika pro and Perpetual Motion alumni Josh Mathews' part in Think Business as Usual is superb right from the jump with that uber opening inside out line.

Cory Kennedy with 9 minutes and 38 seconds of face melting but uber stylish skating in Beware Of The Sasquatch from 2010.

This part has been my go-to favorite part for almost 5 years now. Jake Johnson in Greg Hunt's legendary Alien production, Mind Field.