This week’s toobs are dedicated to Something Sinister, a video out of Shanghai featuring parts from a grip of people including Lucas Puig who's part we're dropping on Friday. Judging by the destruction that Lucas dropped on Shanghai in Fully Flared, it's going to be bombastic!

Home to twice as many skyscrapers as New York, the Shanghai skyline has enough to rival anywhere in the world, this video does a superb job of getting you somewhere close to understanding the massive-ness!

Also featured in Something Sinister is Mark Del Negro who's skateboarding you should be familiar with from his TransWorld On The Radar part.

Thrill seeking opportunities in Shanghai abound for all sorts of people, including OBTFYTOTW favorite, the Russians. Here's a video of a couple of Russians illegally climbing the second tallest building in the world and taking it quite literally, to the very pinnacle.


This week we're closing out with a video part worth watching for the nollie frontside flip in that first line alone! Vorsprung Durch Technik from Toulouse, Lucas Puig in Bon Appetite.