This week’s Toobs get the Asta treatment. For many of us, our first encounter with Tom was in Chris Cole's Strange World part. Talk about thrown in at the talent deep end!

Hailing from Langhorne, PA, a massive chunk of  Tom's street footage comes from Philadelphia. Philly has long been one of skateboarding's most iconic cities but as excellent as the spots look, Philadelphia is a gnarly place to be skating around with thousands of dollars of electronics looking for skate pinnicality. This one is long, but Louis Theroux's documentary on Law And Disorder in Philadelphia is interesting viewing:

Jamie Thomas has an eye for talent and hooked Tom up as soon as Cole put him on the radar. 1997 Thrill Of It All.

I couldn't find the Love Park On Video segment, just the whole video so I figured since we went long with the Louis documentary and On Video was so sick, we'd go full blast with this too!

This LRG remix by Mike Brunner Films is sick. Now put on a beanie and go skate!