Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes of the Week: Toy Machine

2014 marks the 20th year that Toy Machine has been putting out skate videos and every single one has been a classic. You're no doubt familiar with the latest videos so this week we're going to span time with a quick run through the early days of the back catalog, starting with the very first video Live and of course, The Tempster.

1995 witnessed the induction of Josh Kalis as a loyal pawn with his part in Heavy Metal.

12 months later the VHS world was changed forever when Welcome To Hell dropped. Every part in this video is a bona fide classic, none more so than Jamie Thomas' part which would form the edit/song blueprint of hammer parts for years to come.

After watching Jamie's part in Welcome To Hell you'd have to jump up and hit the stop button ASAP before your hype up got wiped out by a slam section whose brutality remains unmatched to this day.

Around the time that Jump Off A Building dropped in 1998, a lot of people were criticizing Bam's representation of skateboarding when his hi-jinx got him a TV show on the MTV network. I was baffled, Bam made skateboarding with your friends and filming little skits look like so much fun, I'll never see a shopping cart in the same way again. The Bam haters got what they wanted and now instead of pranks, crazy drop-ins and lines at FDR they got serious representation with the nine club and a Fox Sports TV franchise. Be careful what you wish for. Bam's part in Jump Off rules.