Whenever Christmas rolls around, the homesickness kicks in so this week's Toobs are a UK edition with a heavy London bias. The capital has produced many exceptional skaters; Curtis McCann was a first wave original. Here's his part from '93's Element Skypager.

Also in that first wave was Mike Manzoori who filmed a part in Chris Joslin speed for 1999's Hating Life.

London born and bred, Toby Shuall is one of the most nonchalantly talented skateboarders I've ever seen. Ever seen anyone nollie Cab heel a set of stairs that easily? Ever seen anyone nollie Cab heel a set of stairs?!

The new generation of London skaters is on fire, Lucien Clarke is one of most incendiary.


For all the parts that have come out of London, the '98 Blueprint Build And Destroy promo is one of the parts I've watched the most. Rejected by 411 (?!) this promo ended up as part of Through The Eyes of Ruby, a video put out by Neil Chester who also made the Manzoori part for Hating Life, and features a solid mix of classic UK spots and skaters.