This week's toobage feature five parts that you might not have watched for a long time, if ever, but definitely deserve a (re)watch. The 2005 iPath promo is one of the most underrated videos of all time. Matt Rodriguez closes out the video with buckets of loose-trucked insanity but I've chosen to go with a shared part from the middle of the video that ends with some of the smoothest OG skateboarding you'll ever see…

And it would be a sin to post up the iPath video and not mention the shared Newport/Renaud part.

There's more than a strong possibility you can expect to see a lot of skating in 2014 that looks like this skateboarding in 1996 did.

As hard as I try, it's impossible to get sick of this part. Nick Trapsso and Kevin Barnett, a match made in VX heaven.

Last up, the demolition derby Jeremy Wray part from Second Hand Smoke, which is 20 years old! Definitely an appropriate time to use the word "legendary.”